About Roccos bikes

Rocco has been fixing, servicing and repairing bikes for 40 years…..

Monday to Friday I will be there from about 4pm to 6pm

I am sorry it is a short session

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – Closed

If you have a repair to be done just show up and usually by end of the day its ready to collect, often it`s an hour or less turnaround time on repairs.

If it is more convenient to drop a bike off before I am there bring an old envelope to put the key in, please give me your name, mobile number and a rundown as to the issue you would like me to deal with, and leave me a key!! there are cycle stands outside the workshop to lock onto. /You could also TEXT or phone details to me as an alternative.  Don`t forget the key! I have a letterbox.


Don`t leave it too late in the work session to arrive as I can get busy and my storage space is rather limited and may not be able to fit you in.

If I know a repair or collection is coming late then I will often wait after closing time 6pm.

Although If I am not expecting you to arrive and if I have had a Quiet day I may get bored and go home early / so if you want me then txt or call me & I will do all I can to help you on the same day.

Amazingly puncture repairs only cost £3.00 more than they did back in 1978!


Rocco`s Bikes is situated in the Gwydir Street Enterprise Centre, not to be confused with the Dales Brewery site.

The entrance to the yard can be found opposite to the Alexandra Arms public house on Gwydir Street.

My main trade is Cycle Repairs and Servicing,  Wheel building and truing , Sturmy Archer gearbox servicing.

Same Day Repairs.

A range of new and secondhand bikes

A  full range of cycle accessories including,

  • Lights
  • Locks
  • Panniers
  • Saddles
  • Tyres
  • Tubes
  • Wheels
  • And Many Other Items

I had a great tutor to learn the trade with , A 10 year apprenticeship to the ways of the trade.

I spent this time working with a Wholesale cycle parts company which also had a number of cycle shops around the city and a wheel building factory, plus a wholesale trade shop.

I found I could build 90 wheels an hour in those days using a machine, and made many contacts who I still trade with today. I can say that i have built more wheels than i will ever have hot dinners in my life, so feel fairly competent on such tasks by now, I doubt there are many people with such experience…

The company also branched out into building our own brand of bike, many items like spokes and frames we would produce `in house` I am pleased to have been part of this as I  gained a lot of my knowledge and experience from that time across anything that needed fixing.

After that was manager of Geoff’s Bike hire for 13 years,  during that time I trained LOTS of lads `n` lasses the art of the trade.

A number have their own cycle shops now, or are still spannering in workshops around the country.

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