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BYOCYCLES electric bikes

This company has an interesting range of electric bikes, I have used one of these for over four years now and covered over 4000 miles on it with NO  problems and may be worth looking at I have also used mine in torrential rain and felt confident of no electrical shorting +++. 🙂

The 20″ folder is the one I use, it goes into the back of my 205 without needing to put the seats down if i`m in the car.

There are two versions very similar. one has a low step through for those  who have limited ability to lift the legs .

If you want to drive into town and don’t have the energy to use an ordinary bike, or just want an effortless journey commuting to work one of these could be a handy addition to the stable.

Byocycles do a whole range of bikes across the frame and wheel sizes, spares are much cheaper than other company`s that I have dealt with  ( not that I have needed any)  ( mine have been reliable )  so am happy to sell them.

Ok so all of the models shown below are the old stock and I have not updated to the new range yet / sorry 08/06/17 I hope to deal with that soon as the regulations on electric bikes have changed also

IMG_4846 ,,24 INCH


24″ folding bike. SOLD      IMG_4845 ,,24 INCH

and the 20″ wheel bike standard high step.   The low step is the same price.

IMG_4844 ,,20 INCH

another view..

IMG_4842 ,,20 INCH

Low step through photo`s coming soon…



New Raleigh Chopper

Alloy Frame, Orange Still in its box, 3 Speed Twistgrip, V Brakes, Stand. Comes With Horn And Mirror         


A limited edition one still in its box sealed, never unpacked, its a modern version, with alloy frame it might be no 123 out of 2000 odd produced in celebration was it 40 or 50 years, since introduction, this is part of the old stock from my Devonshire road days. its buried in the depths of my stockroom, am not in a hurry to sell it but it’s there!

Sorry not possible to give you a photo it would be similar to photo below but orange? hopefully like the original colour, the auction starts here, may be withdrawn if target price not reached!   to save for a rainy day.

It’s a long time since I looked at the box it might be number 123 but am not able to confirm that at this time I would`nt be far out  …..  Offers or I might keep it for another 10 years…….


Byocycles, Electric Bikes

Powabyke, Electric Cycles

Powacycle, Electric Cycles



This is an example of what is available. can be viewed at.

Infineum LPX, Electric Bike

24 Speed, Suspension Forks, Batteries Can Be Stacked For Increased Mileage £1299 , I have enjoyed the use of one for almost 3 years now, a very subtle electric bike and has the gears to make it fast if you add some effort.

Infineum LPX

Infinium Batteries £325 each





Ladies Probike Discovery 3 Speed, 17″ or 19″ available £


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