Second hand bikes

I am constantly refurbishing second hand bikes, often they are sold before I have A chance to list them here.

All bikes are fully serviced and sold with a guarantee.


I am now back at work, unfortunately not every day.

I am still recovering from some major surgery.

So phone or text me if you have a repair, or want a second had bike, just to make sure that I am going to be at the workshop.

I am sorry almost all of the information below is rather out of date, fresh photos soon when I can find my camera that has gone walkabout. 06/11/17

NEW STOCK, updated 28/05/16    

rough outline work in progress….

Ok so I`ve got loads of bikes that I could have ready but due to space constraints am unable to have instantly ready please visit to discuss,

The next bikes for sale are …..

Falcon Super Tourist, Gents large frame 24″, Dynamo Lights SOLD

IMG_4971 Super Tourist

Hercules Balmoral, Gents, 3 Speed, Frame size 19 1/2″,   SOLD

IMG_4973 balmoral

Pashley Workbike, Black, Single Speed, Front Wire Basket included, Dynamo, Rod Brakes and a Back Pedal Brake 22″ Frame.  SOLD

IMG_4955 pashley workbike

Lombardo, Girls 6 Speed, Mudguards, Front and Rear Carriers, 16″ Frame.  SOLD

IMG_4950 lombardo 24

Classic Scooter, New Tyres and tubes, Front and Rear Brakes, at a guess 1960`s era. Sold

IMG_4967 Scooter

Trent Tourist, ladies 3 speed, Red/White, 21″ frame, a good stable long lasting bike, getting rare in relatively good condition, British built 60`s at a guess. Brookes saddle.  SOLD

IMG_4899 Trent Tourist L

A Rare Bike   Humber 4 Speed Complete, With Working Hub Dynamo, 1954  SOLD

IMG_4836 Humber

Trailorbike,  3 Speeds includes fixing carrier

Trailor Bike Ppl 3

Universal Extreme Blow Out, Red, 18 speed ATB, 14″ frame, 24″ wheel.

……SOLD there is another one though

I also have a selection of umbrellas !!!   from long handle to handbag size of many different colours and designs

More Details To Be Listed Soon.6

4 responses

19 07 2010

Hi there,
Is it still for sale? If so, what frame size is this?
Best wishes

30 07 2010

Which bike were you interested in?

27 11 2012
Quiana Hegg

Wire baskets are great since they are lightweight and porous.;

21 03 2013

Hi Simon, the racer is £75

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