Rocco’s bikes is situated at the bottom of Gwydir St in Cambridge.

Unit 3A

23-25 Gwydir St



07855 606 393‎

e-mails please only use the above link to contact me, otherwise I will not get them.


Opening Times

Monday, to Friday about 4 pm – 6 pm

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Closed.

So do not leave it too late in my session to bring a bike in….

I am sometimes at work much later than my closing time, but you would need to phone to check.

5 responses

7 06 2011

Dear Rocco,
My bike’s front wheel is punctured and i don’t know if you need to keep my bike or if you can change directly. Could you please tell me also for the prize.
Thank you,

7 06 2011

Hi Celine, I can often do repairs while you wait, but sometimes you may have to leave the bike with me for a short while depending on how many promises i`ve made already.
Assuming the tyre is ok the cost is usually £10 unless it is a rear tyre with a full chaincase then it may cost a little more due to the extra work involed in removal & refitting/

19 04 2012

Hi Rocco,

I’ve got this red vintage bike in good conditions (just scratches, no rust) but I’d like to paint it black. How much would it cost to have it professionally painted?

Thanks a lot,

20 04 2012

Hello Alberto

Really I need to see the bike to have a better idea as to closer costings, it may also need various parts replacing after such a job.

It depends on the number of parts that need painting. the company I use offers either powder coating or stove enameling, includes frame blasting, for around £140 but would need to check after seeing your bike.

My charge to strip the bike of all parts and rebuilding would be around £70 at the moment.


10 04 2019

Hi do you buy bikes? I have a bike that is 2 months old. Only used a handful of times but I’m not using it as I prefer walking.

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